Sustainability is the core value at our company

Corporate social responsibility

Sustainability is the core value at our company. We commit to this principle in our daily business activities throughout our organization.



Employee Labor and Safety

Our group has non-discriminatory hiring policies. We believe all employees should have equal opportunities and the right to work in a safe environment, to receive equitable compensation and benefits, and to be treated with dignity and respect. We obey to all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.


Our employment policy:
  • We do not condone forced labor and child labor.
  • We provide training to our people in the field to only hire labor to meet minimum age requirement and comply with local regulations and laws.
  • We provide work environment in which employees are treated with dignity and respect, and we will not tolerate any harassment, abuse, or discriminatory hiring practices.

Sustainable Agriculture

We support sustainable agricultural production practices and the protection of forests, peats, plantations and land from which our raw products are sourced.

We support the adoption and use of best practices for management of existing plantations.

Charitable activities

Annual events by our group (on top of our sustainable commitment):

  • School supplies to the community where we are getting the coffee from
  • Supplies for orphanages
  • Buildings for orphanages
  • Providing fertilizer
  • Providing trash cans
  • Free ambulance service